PRESTO software offers you modern graphical cash register with all necessary and easy to use functions.

Comply with the fiscal laws, but more important, get the maximum revenue for your effort and money.




PRESTO – Cash register module

When you start using PRESTO – Cash register module, you will find out that working with a cash register is simple and fast.

The staff will have the functionality right at their fingers and at the expected place. It is primarily designed to be used on devices equipped with a touch screen, but it works well on regular screens as well.

Intuitive working environment of this module will let you start working right away. You don’t have to waste time with learning a new system.

  • fast fulltext search in the price list using various criteria

  • storing unfinished documents

  • direct quick login and logout of users using PIN codes or RFID cards
  • correction or deletion of items in the bill

  • discounts on items or the entire bill

  • online change of the order of items on the bill

  • cancellation of the issued bill

  • printing of internal non-fiscal documents

  • immediately accessible features such as cash deposit or cash withdrawal, payment of invoices, opening the cash drawer and many others

Graphical module for restaurants, coffee shops & bars

This module in comparison with the standard selling module is adapted for fast work in places selling meals and beverages. The best performance is gained on devices equipped with touch screens.

The operator is working with the price list sorted into groups. Adding items into the bill is easy, just by pressing a button which represents an item. The user has fast access to frequently sold products by using speed dial. Fast login and logout is achieved by PIN codes.


Linking bills with tables

When an order is placed and input into the system it can be saved directly on one of the tables of the restaurant. The tables can be arranged according to the actual layout of each room.

The number of saved bills on each table is shown graphically. Here, too, users will fully utilize their touch screen devices. Working with this module saves time and the staff can spent more time serving customers.

Splitting bills

In case customers at one table decide to pay for their orders individually, the user has the possibility to split the bill into several separate bills.

For this purpose a specialized window was designed to make this task easily executable.


Merging multiple bills into a single bill

In case it is necessary to merge multiple bills into one, this operation can be done using another simple form.

Additional features include: moving documents from one table to another, cancellation of a bill or printing a non fiscal version of a saved bill.

Table layout editor

Table layout editor was designed to allow editing of the buttons representing restaurant tables according to the actual layout of tables in the restaurant or on the terrace. User can create very realistic layout, which is very easy to use for the service and makes the work much faster and more comfortable.

It is possible to change the position, shape, size, name, and the color of the tables.


Ordering via mobile touch devices

Ordering using mobile touch devices directly at the table is suitable for larger restaurants. Using tablet computers is now becoming a trend and therefore we offer this solution for your restaurant.

One of the biggest advantages is that the operator doesn’t have to input the order at the cash register, but it can be done directly at the table.

User friendly and intuitive design

All the tools are arranged intuitively with an emphasis on quick reference and clarity. What you need is at your fingertips and immediately available.

Cash register can operate on a touch device or a standard computer using mouse and keyboard.


Fast creation of cash register documents

Searching in the price list has never been easier and faster!

The set of visible products decreases simultaneously as you type. In every moment you see your items in your bill, the quantity, price and discount. You can search by product code, any part of the product name or the price of selling item.

Saved bills

You can always save an unfinished receipt and return to it later.

Your customers no longer have to wait in a queue if one of the customers decides to return back to the shop and choose more items. Just save the receipt and return back to it later with no data loss. It is fast and easy



Cash register PRESTO offers you all types of payments and their combination.

In the cash register settings you can choose which types of payment you are using, all the others will be disabled.

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