Technical information

Here you can find more detailed technical information.

Hardware and software requirements

Software PRESTO can be used on different types of Windows based devices.

Do you have a computer, notebook or a touch screen device with Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10? If so, you are ready to install the software PRESTO.

  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10 (32bit and 64bit versions).
  • Microsoft .NET framework version 4.6.1 (available for free within Windows update).
  • RAM minimum of 2 GB

  • Processor minimum of 1 GHz
  • USB port or RS-232 (COM) port to connect the fiscal printer.

  • Supported are all screen resolutions, the application allows you to operate in a window or full screen mode.

Types of equipment on which you can run PRESTO:


Standard PC




Windows tablet


All-in-one PC


Touch device with keyboard

Supported printers of documents

PRESTO software has a great connectivity to many peripheral devices, especially printers of documents. We cooperate with major brands of fiscal printers, as well as we support top world brands such as Epson, Bixolon, Star, Brother etc.

You can choose from a wide range of fiscal printers which best fit your needs. The device parameters depend on the intensity of bill printing and conditions of usage. From small printers to heavy duty, with warranty of 1 800 000 printed bills. Order ticket printers for the kitchen, waterproof printers can be ordered.


Operation modes

PRESTO can be used on a single computer with a single fiscal printer connected to it, or without any peripheral devices, or with several peripherals. It can be used in a network environment where there is one database file and multiple instances of PRESTO connected via network.

If network environment is needed, database server can run on a Windows or Linux server.

Supported peripheral devices


Fiscal printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer, order ticket printer, scale, RFID reader for authentication, payment terminal, external customer display or monitor


Direct connection between PRESTO and products of major manufacturer and supplier of IT solutions and services in the Czech Republic and Slovakia CÍGLER SOFTWARE of the product line MONEY S4 is designed for small, medium and mid-sized companies. Contact us and we will create a solution for your company by linking software MONEY S4 and PRESTO.


System Information


High modularity of the system allows you to use software PRESTO from a simple setup to a complex hierarchical configurations operating from a single PC environment running without a database server to a complex hierarchical configuration using a local area network and the Internet.

In terms of operations, the system can be used for small establishments working in the field of trade and services, which may function as a simple cash register connected to various peripherals or the installation can have more complex structure using a database server, several points of sale and various connected peripherals.

A special case of the operation is working in restaurants, cafes and bars. In such establishments it is also possible to operate as a simple cash register or work as multiple selling points with peripheral devices such as order ticket printers connected via serial interface or local area network.

For medium and large companies with a hierarchical organizational structure we offer the possibility of transferring data online over the internet. In this setup a company headquarters data center is collecting documents from selling points and it has immediate information about documents created at each selling point. On the other hand a flow of product specifications, price lists, lists of customers and other information is traveling towards selling points.

Next figure shows you the possible scenarios of PRESTO operation.


PRESTO is FREE point of sale system for any of these 3 promotions.


1000 FREE

PRESTO is FREE and 100% functional until you reach 1000 bills after installation with no limitations.

For example if you serve 40 tables per week you will have approximately 6 months of free usage.


2000 FREE

PRESTO is FREE and 100% functional until you reach 2000 bills after installation for NEW BUSINESSES.

That means almost a free year of usage if you recently opened your business. You are eligible for this option if your business is not older than 6 months.


1000 FREE bills
and 50% discount

PRESTO is FREE and 100% functional until you reach 1000 bills plus you get 50% discount for the first year of usage if you are a WOMAN ENTREPRENEUR.

PRESTO wants to contribute to women entrepreneurs and offer them 50% discount for the first year, if the business is 100% owned by a single or multiple women.


After the FREE period of usage you have two options: buy a commercial license or continue using the software in FREE mode – some restrictions apply.


13 € per month excl. VAT

You will have full access to the cash register module, including everything you need to sell food and drinks or other product and services. You can issue bills, invoices, with full access to statistics and unlimited number of users, as well as the network. Professional version does not include the Warehouse module.


19 € per month excl. VAT

You will gain full functionality of the PRESTO software including the Warehouse module which will allow you to keep detailed information about your stock, expiration dates, profit and provide you with useful statistics and reports to have your business under control.

If you want to know all the advanced features of our point of sale system or want to contact us, please click on one of the following options